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Satellite and Security is amongst the region’s most respected suppliers. We are full protection providers of Fire Fighting equipment, fire alarm, security systems, CCTV Services, fire suppression and safety engineering- all under one roof. Satellite and Security was established with a vision to be the one of the most recognized fire protection companies through quality and development to save lives and properties. The numerous projects executed by us in both the private and government sectors throughout the United Kingdom are classic examples of our professional competency.


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Fire Alarms system

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire detection and warning systems are an important stage of firefighting. Fire detection and early warning systems are established to prevent human and material losses, accelerating the intervention process in first minutes of fire and to take situation under control. In general, early warning systems detect one or several characteristic features of fire such as smoke, heat and flame.

CCTV and Security Cameras Installation


Security of lives and properties is the essential duty of every government. But government alone can’t do everything that is why every individual needs to make efforts to protect themselves. We offer installation of different types of security gadgets and equipment including CCTV, alarm, and access control. Our engineers are experienced and well-trained to provide everything you need to secure your home and commercial building.

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CCTV Installation London At Its Best

One of the best ways to secure a home or commercial building is to install a CCTV security system. It doesn’t only guarantee protection and security in real time but offer tangible resource and evidence to nail criminals and bring them to justice. But you need to have a reliable CCTV installer with many years of experience and capability, and that is where we come in.

Once you hire us for the CCTV Installation Job in London and surrounding areas, we first examine your needs and then provide you with a customized service that will deliver optimal protection for your home. The reason why we can provide such quality CCTV installation in London is due to our experience, competence, and teamwork. We take every customer seriously and ensure you get the best service you deserve. Apart from installation, we also do repairs, maintenance, and service work for our clients. CCTV accessories and tools require professional handling to ensure they continue to work 24/7 without error or interruption. Our CCTV installation London service is respected all over the UK to deliver quality service to our clients at all times. We are the right CCTV installer to contact any day, and we are always available to help you.

CCTV instalaltion service London
CCTV Comapny London

Get Dependable Service from CCTV Company London At Affordable Price

There are many CCTV installation companys providing services for millions of consumers in London. Some of these services are reliable, but some are more reliable than others. At Satellite and Security Solutions, we offer customers one of the best and most reliable CCTV installation services in London and the United Kingdom. Three things set us apart from the crowd including professionalism, customer service, and experience.

We are professionals in what we do. As a CCTV Company London with many clients, we ensure that we provide the best service at all times. Our professionalism shows because we don’t just do the installation, we provide proper consultation and advice you on the best options. We also get our equipment from the best suppliers to ensure you have only the best quality service.

Our customer service is always there 24/7 to listen to your queries and ensure that our technicians and engineers start your job and quickly as possible. As an experienced CCTV company, we know that your security can’t wait for anything. That is why we pay attention to you and help you through the entire process of getting the best. Take advantage of our many years of experience as a leading CCTV installation company to get unparalleled service.

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