The electrical system runs every aspect of our daily life and work. It could be commercial, residential, agricultural, industrial or otherwise. There is a need for professional touch delivered by the best hands in the business, to ensure smooth operation. Satellite and Security Solutions is the right company to consult for your electrical installations, services, and repairs. We have the most qualified engineers who are highly-trained and have spent decades installing electrical systems in different types of buildings and facilities across the United Kingdom.

Reliable Electrical Contractors are Not Hard to Find

According to a statistical report in 2016, about 54.4% of fires in England were caused by electrical fires. This had led to 1,300 fatalities and injuries, making it a serious issue. The main reason for this catastrophe is poor wiring delivered by unprofessional or careless electrical contractors. At Satellite and Security Solutions we understand the importance of electrical safety and how it is your responsibility to keep your family, friends, and employees safe from any fire hazards due to poor wiring. That is why we hire only the best hands that have been trusted and tested for their competence and quality delivery.

We also spend our time to plan every single electrical installation work we have been assigned. We start by understudying your facility, home, office, school, or factory, to determine the best ways to make the installation. We give you adequate consultation, based on our many years of experience, and advise you on the best way to go about it. This is why we don’t make mistakes that lead to electrical problems that cause injuries. Our engineers are familiar with the working of all kinds of electrical wiring including cleat wiring, casing and capping wiring, batten wiring, and conduit wiring. Our process is smooth, and our execution is highly revered across the United Kingdom.

Why You Should Hire Us for Your Next Electrical Wiring Needs

We do more than just electrical wiring; we bring life and perfection to all of our jobs. There are many reasons why you should consider choosing us as your preferred service provider. We are certified and licensed with all the relevant authorities and regulatory bodies in the UK. This means that whatever we do, you can rest assured that it is perfect and legal. We also provide a one-stop solution including designing and building your electrical installation needs from the ground up – you don’t have to hire anybody to do anything else for you.

We are also highly reliable and responsive. Try us today and see how fast we respond to your queries. Our customer service lines are always opened to attend to you in any situation. Our engineers are highly experienced, and we have specialists who are trained in handling all kinds of peculiar situations. We also help you solve all types of electrical issues you might have. We are committed to safety in the society that is why we offer ourselves as experts to help find solutions to problems before they escalate. Our pricing is competitive because to us, it is not about the money, but the responsibility to deliver quality work that will stand the test of time.

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