Fire Alarms


We supply, install and service all forms of systems. These include Conventional, Analogue and Addressable Systems. Right now the Wireless Fire Alarm System is proving really popular. It has the advantages of being easy and fast to set up, thereby saving money on labor costs.

According to whether you’re a large building such as a private home or a school having some type of fire alarm in the region is essential for saving lives in the event of a fire.

If you are in department store or a big school you may probably have noticed the fire alarms throughout the building. There should also be significant info listed regarding the best way to evacuate the building in case of fire. When the fire alarm goes off the sign is sent to the neighborhood fire department, police and emergency employees. So everyone will probably manage to get out of the building the sound will be heard through the building.


Fire detection and alarm systems are applied as follows:

* Analogue addressable fire alarm system
* Wireless fire alarm systems
* Conventional fire alarm systems

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Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Fire Alarm Systems

It is essential when choosing a fire alarm, that the type of system you select is one that is well suited to your company needs.

With many types of fire alarm systems available, different methods of fire detection, legislation to comply with and British Standards to meet the whole process can be overwhelming.

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